Terrence  O’Keeffe

Celtic Awakening

It is because of connections between my childhood and adulthood that I named this CD “Celtic Awakening.” The journey from an early exposure to all things Irish to a more full understanding of my Irish ancestry was a long road and I want to share some of what I have discovered of my Celtic musical heritage. So here are some of the tunes and songs I play. I hope you enjoy the collection.

The Crested Hen/The Butterfly/Cooley’s Reel

Kesh’s Jig_Willie Coleman_Donnybrook Fair_Temperance

In Tune With My Friends

This CD contains duets with people that I have played with over the years. A wide variety of genres is included: everything from Bob Dylan to jazz to traditional Americana.

Lady Be Good

Sittin on Top of the World

The Toasted Ponies

Why the Long Face?

This is the Toasted Ponies first CD and includes several original numbers written by all members of the band. It also includes some of the classics.

Follow My Heart

Deaf Cat

Bluegrass of Champions

“I know great Bluegrass when I hear it, and The ‘Ponies’ can flat out pick, sing and write it. You’ll want this in your collection. File it under Bluegrass. Listen Often!”                   —Carl Anthony      The Drive-In Radio Show      KZUM 89.3

Blue Night

Across the Great Divide

Pine Creek Crossing

The most recent Ponies CD is named for an original instrumental number. It includes traditional Bluegrass Tunes as well as converted pop and country tunes. Pine Creek Crossing features the newest members of The Ponies, Pam and Randy Barger.

What Was I Supposed To Do

Pine Creek Crossing


Whacked Out

Paddywhack plays a variety of jigs, hornpipes, polkas, and reels on a multitude of instruments and mix them up with precise vocal harmonies while singing sea shanties, ballads, and sing-alongs. This is there first CD and is representative of the sound the group created back in the early 1980’s.   (Released 2002)

Nancy Whiskey

Cape Cod Girls

Something Old, Something New

This CD provides what it advertises. If you are a long time fan of Paddywhack, songs like “The Trumpet Hornpipe Medley”, “Tanglediony”, “The Nutting Song”, and “General Guinness” will take you back to a time when you were sitting in O.G. Kelleys sipping suds and listening to tunes. But time keeps moving and our music has moved with it, so you will also get a taste of some of the newer tunes that the Paddywhack trio performs today. Beautiful ballads like “The Harp Without the Crown” and “The Band of Shearers” are interlaced with lively sing alongs like “Tell Me Ma” and gorgeous Airs like “Hector the Hero”.  (Released 2006)

Tell Me Ma

Band of Shearers

Vintage Paddywhack

This is a 2 CD collection of live recordings from the 1980’s! (Sorry, this CD is out of print) (Released 2010)

St. Paddy’s Day and Whinny Hills of Lietram

I Wish They’d Do It Now

Recorded in 2013/2014 this CD includes a whole set of new tunes including one solo by each Paddywhack member.  (Released 2014)

Blood Red Roses

O’Connell’s and The Forgiveness Reel