Paddywhack is a Lincoln based group that has performed folk music from the British Isles and North America for over 40 years. The band currently consists of  Dave Marsh and Terry Keefe, two of the original members, and new member, Jenn Duerr. Over the years they have maintained their distinct sound and unique flavor. The group plays a variety of jigs, hornpipes, polkas, and reels on a multitude of instruments and mix them up with precise vocal harmonies while singing sea shanties, ballads, and sing alongs. An evening with Paddywhack is likely to include sea shanties, beautiful ballads, robust pub songs, haunting tunes on pennywhistle, soulful songs on the hammered dulcimer and Irish fiddle, and intricate rhythms on the the bodhran.

Current Members of Paddywhack include:

Terry Keefe has been performing music for over 40 years with a number of musical ensembles. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska he has played a variety of musical styles such as bluegrass, blues, celtic, swing,  and cajun.  Terry has earned many awards including the 1982 Midwest fiddle championship and the 1982 Iowa state mandolin championship.

Dave Marsh plays banjo, bodhran, accordion, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle, bones, spoons, and more. He is truly a talented performer and will get audiences going with his a bodhran solo or two. Originally from Schuyler, NE, Dave spent much of his youth in Omaha performing as a percussionist with the Omaha Youth Symphony.


St. Paddy’s Day and Whinney Hills of Lietram

Band of Shearers

Tell Me Ma

Blood Red Roses

Cape Cod Girls

Nancy Whiskey

Paddywhack Photographic History

Terry Keefe, Dave Marsh, Derek Bell, Paddy Maloney, and Chris Sayre immediately following the Concert at the Lied Center in Lincoln on February 3, 2001

The Finale-February 3, 2001











Leave Her Johnny         

Harp Without the crown

Mason’s Apron